Tuesday, 29 April 2008

Just A Small Post...

About a really angry subject! I'm shocked, truly shocked at the attitude of some people towards the new release of GTA IV, which is set to be the fastest-selling video game of all time! Watching the news this evening has infuriated me, mostly because of one woman they interviewed. This is what the conversation went like (after the woman had said she'd rushed out to buy "A particular video game"):

Reporter: "It isn't Grand Theft Auto by any chance, is it?"
Woman: "Yes, it is! It's for my son"
Reporter: "And if you don't mind me asking, how old is your son?"
Woman: "He's thirteen. He shouldn't really be playing it..."

Whoa! "He shouldn't really be playing it?" Well, what on earth did you rush out to buy it for him then? Is this just lazy, bad parenting or what?


Tina said...

lol my partner went up to get that game at 8.30am this morning(the saddo!) But he's 26 though.

But yeah there is alot of violence and filth in there for a 13 year old! :0

Brett said...

Just added you to my Highly recomended sites. Hope thats ok.

Ashley said...

There is a lot of violence in that game! It's sad that a mother would go against her gut feeling and buy her son that game.

J-moose said...

it is and it isn't. On one side the parent doesn't want the kid to throw a hissy fit, although at 13 it would be rare, still they don't want to have to put up with that. On the other hand a game like GTA isn't really meant for a 13 year old. With everything thats in it, it really should be played by someone who can handle it. Age 13 is where your influenced the most by whatever is in your life. And yes i am back, i've just been really busy lately with no time to write no material. I'm trying though.