Thursday, 24 April 2008

Gym Class Villains

Arrgh! Aren't these plimsolls just horrible? They have to be the single worst fashion disaster of the past six months or so. They're like the type you might have found in a gym class which is highly irritating - everyone I meet that wears these things makes me cringe, even if they're generally nice people. All I want to do is tell them to get a proper pair of shoes.

The ones from Primark are the worst. I am a firm believer that it's okay to shop there as long as you follow a set of rules:
1.) It isn't a piece of tat
2.) If it does look a little cheap and/or you know everyone else is going to be wearing them don't buy them
3.) You can only get away with a lot of Primark clothes if they're worn correctly

Which leads me to my point. Plimsolls like the ones above break each one of these rules. Most people wear them (shudder) with skinny jeans. Skinny jeans! It's a crime against nature, people! The sheer awfulness of these "shoes" are revealed when worn with leg-hugging trousers such as skinnies. I love my skinnies, but I only wear them with a pair of decent ankle boots/boots over the top. I wore my baseball boots underneath once and I thought it looked rubbish. As do these abominations.

Please tell me that I'm not crazy and that it generally is a horrific piece of clothing. Or perhaps I'm just blinded because they come across as a sort of manly shoe and the majority of women I know own and wear a pair frequently. In any case, I don't think you'd see me dead in a pair of these.


KAREN said...

It's funny because my Teen Daughter totally agrees with you, even though everyone she knows is wearing a pair of these right now. I was trying to talk her into buying some this week, as they look 'practical' (typical mum talk) and she refused saying they were 'ugly.' Shows how much I know!
Having said that, I wouldn't wear 'em m'self...

buttercup said...

I am not a fan of skinny jeans, except on people with perfectly skinny bodies. But Wearing them with THOSE shoes is an atrocity!!!! Most people in my area wear skinny jeans with flats, which I think looks ok.