Wednesday, 23 April 2008

It's Been A While

At least, it certainly feels like a while since I posted anything here. I've been so busy working on the for-a-while-neglected sister blog that I almost completely forgot to post things here. Anyway, now I'm motivated to write a little post or two right now and get this show back on the road.

So, reading the Guardian Magazine the other day was really irritating. When going through the fashion pages there was a "what's hot or what's not" bar and a double page spread on tie-die (yeah, I don't think that trend will last but the printed tights were nice. Too bad I've got legs that just could never carry off printed tights then). There were also two (admittedly ageing) fashion experts to talk about what they have/have not seen on the catwalks in recent times. The man was just full of himself, saying about how great his fashion sense was but the woman was a little more down-to-earth. Until that is, she started talking about the fact that this season (bearing in mind this is summer) that we should be wearing two different length skirts over each other on top of tights! She went as far as to suggest that if we had a tunic dress we could layer that over a mid-length skirt. Still over tights or leggings though.

What is the fashion world coming to? Layering is supposed to be a beautiful thing, sticking a t-shirt under a tunic, putting a polo under a dress, and even a t-shirt or shirt over a dress to create the illusion that the dress is actually a skirt... not codding your way by layering two skirts over each other - what's the point? Your legs are only going to get twice as hot, and I don't want that in the summer!


babooshka said...

Have you noticed the so called fasion experts never actually wear clothes in the manner they sugest. Whisk me to the South of France.No such thing as two skitrs, just a sense of style not dictated to by the fashionista.

Tina said...

I dont know how these experts make any money. i wouldnt be seen dead in some of the stuff the models wear on the catwalk!