Wednesday, 23 April 2008


Well, I've been inspired by some blogs that I've been reading lately to talk about (yep, you've guessed it) video games! At least a little bit about the history of video games anyway.

The earliest example of anything remotely like a video game was produced in 1947, and used a screen similar to that of a radar to simulate the effect of playing tennis. Arcade games came more into fashion in the 70s, especially with the release of Atari's "Pong".

Video games have never been flawless and people have always managed to hack into the system of them to cheat in the game (maybe by giving themselves unlimited lives or money). Games also have technical glitches also built into them (although not deliberately) that can sometimes affect the mode and method of play. The most recent example I can think of is in Okami, where little green arrows come above people's heads if they have some good info. But on one of these people, you can't do anything and he just says the same thing over and over even if you complete the task. Annoying, but not threatening.

The age group of video games now is expanding, apparently. More people between the ages of 25 and 40 are playing them, and more women are inclined to play thanks to the release of platforms such as the Wii. It has also been said that multiplayer gaming is a good way to build up social skills and teamwork. Massive online multiplayer games also allow the player to interact with lots of different people from all over the world.

So I guess the video game has always been popular but now more and more people are playing. I wonder just how many people out there actually own the latest consoles.


Tina said...

I love video games. Im always playing them online! I prefer the really basic ones wheras my boyfriend is a graphic freak!

By way i have an award for you on my blog if you want to drop by and pick it up sometime x

Tairebabs said...

Goosh! I just love video games. Nothing gets your spirit up like the excitement of knowing you are about to complete a stage in a game or beat someone at something. All my female friends don't get it. But I love it all the same and play as many games as I can whenever I can. Nice write up. Reminded me of my teenage days!

Faizal said...

hey Jamjar. Thanks for visiting my blog. If MU makes it in second leg, I will so relief. I can't expect which team from Liverpool and Chelsea will make to final, but frankly said, Chelsea has greater advantage. hope to see you again at my blog.

Marcy said...

I *heart* my Wii LOL Totally counts as cross training for me LOL

PopinFresh said...

Video Games are amazing! I think in my house we have 4 consoles, and 3 hand held games. I think the day I found out I was slightly obsessed, is when I got Twilight Princess for the Wii and somehow spent 9 hours playing it. It didn't even feel that long.

Thanks also for taking the time to visit my blog. :)

astrogalaxy said...

Hi jamjarsuperstar,
I enjoy playing pac-man but only the classic one.
Usually, I'll have to play about an hour or two before bed on DS or PSP. I just love video games!!!