Thursday, 10 April 2008

Drinking Excuses

So I watched Withnail & I the other day and couldn't help thinking that if anyone drank exactly what Withnail drinks in the film when he drinks it, they'd be dead (or at least, I'd be dead). But then, lots of people decide to watch it and drink whenever they do so maybe it's not all that lethal (still, please don't try it, I don't want any of my blog friends dying thanks to me).

Moving along from the drinking aspects, it's probably one of my favourite films. I love strange quirky things and Withnail & I is so surreal in some places that tears just stream down your face with laughter (casing points: fishing with a gun, cooking chickens with teapots and having an incredibly eccentric gay uncle called Monty).

But then, if anyone else out there has seen it (I'm sure some of you definitely have, since it's such a cult film), isn't the ending just a little bit sad? You sort of know that when Withnail wanders off through the park that he isn't going to last much longer. Seriously, anyone who drinks that much alcohol in the space of two weeks is going to suffer from liver failure pretty soon.

Ah well, it's probably just me who feels slightly sorry for his predicament....


icey98 said...


I always find it so hard to find you cause you havent made your profile public so i can just click on you lol (i dont know if you knew!?)I have to type your blog address in google ha ha!

I have bookmarked you now anyway!
Computers all fixed now thank god, but my head is spinning with all the catching up!

I always like to pop by and your always kind enough to pop by my place too, so would you like to exchange links at all on each others blogs? Just let me know if you do.

Speak to you again

Sugarbelly said...

I have never seen this movie, nor heard of It O.O
But It sounds Interesting, I think I'm gonna go look for a download or something.
I'm In need of new things to watch, I'm so bored!

astrogalaxy said...

I've not heard about this movie too!
The movie seems sad!

Tina said...

Hey Scarlet.

I have tagged you with my next meme as promised.

I dont know if you have done one before. see mine on my blog- THE NAME GAME. copy onto your blog, fill in your answers, and tag someone else (you dont have to though) Let me know when you done it so i can read yours too :)

Tina said...

Glad to see you did the Meme.
Dont worry i get a bit paranoid bout stuff sometimes too lol

Thanks for letting me know about my site slow loading. I got a feeling it may be to do with a blogging chicks blogroll i installed! i will look into it or remove it if still probs ha ha!

Let me know next time you visit if you still having probs

Thanks x

Emeline McCarter said...

Hey Scarlet,

I just wanted to let you know that today I posted on my blog again. I do find that you don't understand the reason for all my websites - It is so very confusing, so sorry!

James said...

Withnail and I rocks. Apparently Richard E Grant actually throws up in the early scene when he's trying to warm himself up in the flat by covering himself in deep heat and drinking lighter fluid!! He's a T total in real life and apparently that scene is one of the rare occassions when he's actually had alcohol!! Other great scenes: The bull charge, the perfume covered shoes and getting pulled over by the police.
Nice blog.

Jason said...

Just love Grants speach to the Wolves at the end!