Friday, 2 May 2008

Second Coming

So what's up with the new series of Heroes? Well, I think that it's started a lot better than the last season, although there were lots of loose ends at the close of volume one. The focus has once again shifted to how a lot of the characters are struggling to be normal (most notably Claire) although there is an action element with the murder and attempted murders of everyone in a certain photo...

I think Heroes would be a much better TV show if it actually kept trying to focus on how the superhuman characters struggle to keep their powers secret. The whole idea of the Company could have been kept, as this would still have fitted in with the idea of the heroes struggling to lead a normal life. But all of this saving the cheerleader and saving the world business leads the show into a realm of predictability. I hope the fact that Peter is back (shudder) doesn't lead it down this road again (I dislike Peter's character - he's a dreamer, highly annoying and obviously thinks that he's the best one of the lot).

Of course, we always have lovely Hiro to add some comedy and warmth to the scene. I'm so glad he didn't die last season. I was worried when Sylar hurled him back straight through the building but now I know that he's just warped back in time to colonial Japan then it's all okay. My favourite character hasn't died!

Well, we'll just have to see how it goes. As long as the action continues like this I might be more endeared to this series. And I hope Peter doesn't escape from Ireland (which by the way, is so obviously not Ireland - listen to those accents!)


Hoover Maneuver said...


I am a HUGE Heroes fan. I've always liked superheroes. Been a Superman and Spiderman fan since I was a kid. (Got some old, old comic books to prove it, too!)

But yeah, the series started off so intriguing and has become a bit watered down. I'm anxious to see what they come up with in the upcoming episodes.

Hiro is my favorite. Man, what I wouldn't do to have that super power!

Eda Suzanne said...

I enjoyed both of your blogs. Thanks for the boost you gave me! I still haven't figured out how to put the counter on my blog or how to spread the word about my blog to get zillions of readers!

Eda Suzanne said...

I really enjoyed both of your blogs and have added you to "my favorites."
Your compliemnt about my blog made my day! I am new at this and still have not figured out half the intricacies involved in publicizing my blog.
Eda Suzanne