Monday, 5 May 2008

Maybe-Not-So-Time-Wasting Question Of The Day

Is it possible that there is a very strong link between "The Wedding List" by Kate Bush and Quentin Tarantino's Kill Bill films (either volume, doesn't really matter)?

Well, this may not be as stupid as it first seems.

Let's have a think about this. Both are about brides getting revenge after a wedding-day massacre, both indicate that there was more than one murderer and in both cases the groom is fatally wounded. So Kate's bride uses a gun and Quentin's uses a sword. Still, not much difference.

Coincidence? You decide.


babooshka said...

So that's the reason I love this film. That's a good spot. Just replayed the wedding list( like I need an excuse) and yes I agree the analogy is there for the taking.

Did you know that Everyhting I do I do it for you, the dreadful Bryan Adams ditty for Costner's Robin Hood, was written for Kate Bush to sing. Thank god she said no. On the ohter hand Bang Bang, from Kill Bill think she could have done.

junkliberty said...

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junkliberty said...

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