Thursday, 22 May 2008


I am currently distraught that I no longer have anything to watch over a light lunch on Thursdays. Possibly my favourite TV programmes of recent times, Dexter, finished wonderfully last week. Now all I can do is hope and pray that a new series is planned for the strangely lovable and moralistic serial killer.

What will I watch? Desperate Housewives also finishes next week, only to return after a summer break. House won't last must longer - I'm already over halfway through a season that only has 16 episodes. I doubt Boston Legal has much longer to run either. Heroes may be the only TV programme left, since Pushing Daisies also concludes in a couple of weeks to make room for Euro 2008. Mad Men also reaches its conclusion next week, and it's such a shame. I hope another season is in the pipeline for this brilliant American drama.

Will I be left hanging for the summer months? Will I really have to endure an entire summer without any good TV? It doesn't look good. Luckily I have the farcical Lost (which I watch simply because it is completely stupid - everything that made the story even remotely believable has been thrown out of the window) and The West Wing (finally showing Season 5 on More4, which is great - I only started watching this amazing political drama in Season 6, so I am glad that every previous season has been shown in its entirety). But still, it's still quite shocking that I can hardly find anything good to watch anymore.


Brett said...

It is the summer, you could always go out and socialize (sez me sat at my computer, on my own except for a mad dog), good to see you back.

Brett said...

I'm now going to leave this desk and brave the sunshine(well for the time it takes to get to my other desk at work, until the sun goes down)

Tina said...

Did you have a nice work break girl!?
Glad your back x

Light lunch lol- Scarlet you are funny!

I know what you mean though all the good programes have disapeared and to return if that later on in the year... sigh.

junkliberty said...

long long long summer.
can't wait, but also must find things to do. hmm

Faizal said...

dont you watch Supernatural or the Reaper? I love supernatural so much.