Monday, 30 June 2008

Mini-Coverage: The Final

Who else thought that the final of Euro 2008 was particularly dull? Yes, it had some highlights (er, which I can't think of right now...) but on the whole it was pretty, well, boring wasn't it? Perhaps the most exciting parts were the goal, scored by Fernando Torres after 33 minutes, and Michael Ballack's eye injury.

Spain dominated just about the whole match and while Germany were not without their chances, after a while you just couldn't see them doing much damage. Despite the fact that Germany have had goals in their artillery throughout the tournament, they only came close to scoring once or twice and very rarely showed any really flair. Maybe it was something to do with the fact that they so clearly celebrated and performed their lap of honour in the semi-finals....

Still, congratulations to Spain are champions for the first time in over forty years!

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coolgirlsar said...

We actually opted to watch the new series of Top Gear, sad aren't we but when you have a four year old son addicted to the show you have no choice. We did catch the last part of the game but it didn't as you mention have any real excitement but then we found a lot of the games this time round didn't maybe that's just down to not having England in the competition and feeling a bit sad. Oh well until next time.