Monday, 23 June 2008

Am I Really That Threatening?

You've probably already gathered that I tend to use the bus to get around and try not to use the car too much (it's my eco-conscience). Since I don't get on the bus with anyone else - generally - I tend to put my i-Pod on and take in some of the sights on the way to wherever I'm going.

Buses are becoming a bit of a meeting-zone for the elderly and young mothers with their screaming kids, most of whom are little whining boys, who seem to always know someone else on the bus. And then there are just other people who are like me and don't know anyone else so they hide away until their stop comes.

It seems like wherever I go, no-one wants to sit next to me. People would rather stand than sit next to me on the bus. Even the bus drivers give me funny looks sometimes. I'm at a loss as to why people find me so scary. Is it the way I dress (which isn't really that threatening at all - are coloured tights and brogues a put-off?) or the fact that I do just sit there and listen to my music (as Babooshka nicely put it, tunes such as Arcade Fire tend to fend off the scary people so it can't be a bad thing)? Please, someone else has to have this semi-dilemma. I'm not really that bothered that no-one sits next to me, my problem is in the fact that they seem to have an aversion to me, like I'm a bad rash. Or perhaps the bus just isn't my type of place. No-one cool or vaguely like me gets on.

Still, it's better than having a swearing chav sit beside me blasting rubbish rave.


Tairebabs said...

It's been awhile since I have been on a bus, infact the last time I was on a bus was on my vacation in london last year. Anyway, I don't really mind if no one wants to sit next to me...i mean it's better than having loads of people squash up on you especially if they are sweaty (eeeewl) any scarlet, you sure you are not imaging this whole thing...coloured tights... lol..nothing scary there!

astrogalaxy said...

Actually I would love if no ones want to sit next to me in a bus... Aha... got more space to myself!LOL! (Psst...because of my size, I can take up to one and half of the seat space!!!-Secret!!!)

Tina said...

i cant decide Scarlet. You are just gonna have to put a pic of your gorgeous face on here so we can all have a look at ya and decide lol

By way mate i clicked on your JJS profile from my comments bit and it says profile not available?

babooshka said...

I prefer people not to sit next to me. In my seminal goth days and a walkman no one sat next to me. In my
sensible suit and sensible job ipod days, no one sat next to me. In my "I'm a photographer so I can dress how I like days" with ipod, camera and book I can still ward off potential bus buddies. I positively send out I "vont to be ahlone" vibe coupled with a scralet o'hara withering eyebrow.
Think it might be the coloured tights. You know dressing outside the norm can worry people.Or it could be Arcade Fire. Or you need to get a train. ow they are full of nutters.

Emeline said...

I guess it's possible that It can hurt people, but me, I prefer no one to sit next to me.

I don't know the people and you don't have people leaning up against you.

I don't think of you as scary, but yet again, I don't know you.

My sister isn't really "colorful", but she dresses like an "emo" - although she isn't actually emo -
but, I'm sure people would think of her as scary, depending on the person.

I don't think that colored tights are scary, but I think a lot of people do.

And yes, It could also be the music you listen to, but, you're just fine to me.