Friday, 6 June 2008

Big Bother

Babooshka said that she was now in the grip of Big Brother, a show which has never interested me in the slightest. I had to watch one of the celebrity series once (I think it was the one where that Chantelle woman won) and was driven crazy - it was all in aid of a project I had to do and watching it every night was such a strain.

What I want to know is, where do they get these people from? There's always some crazy people in the house, along with some blonde bimbo (sorry to any of my blog friends who are blonde, I must say that not all blondes are stupid and/or crazy) and a macho guy who everyone seems to like.

But what's the point? Nothing happens, and it's only on the odd occasion that anything particularly interesting goes on. Even the tasks don't really stir up any kind of interest for me.

Maybe I'm just a bit strange, since everyone I know loves it and judging by the two minutes I caught last night after watching House, everyone will be in the grip of BB fever again. Personally, I can't stand the thing! There must be something better on TV than this voyeuristic.. tripe!


mrsnesbitt said...

If you are coming to the Stockton festival give us a wave!

You would be more than welcome to join in ABC Wednesday, hey ho my photos are very basic but I think you'd enjoy it! Coming up to Round 3 next!

babooshka said...

OOH, you have revealled a big dark boo secret, big brother. It is my chav tv. Gary and I sit and literally let rip at these no mark talentless wannabees. As a photogrpaher and an artist running to standstill, I get incrasingly fustrated at these idiots
who get somehere just by walikng through a door. It is the best shout at the tv telly. I become all tony soprano with dr melfi. I don't eant to watch it itdoes me no good, but I have to.