Saturday, 21 June 2008


So you probably know that I've been away on business for the past few days and while I was away I saw the most shocking thing!

The parents of this particular boy should be ashamed: said boy was wearing a t-shirt. Okay, you might think "what's your problem" but wait! There's an arrow pointing upwards saying "the man". Then there's an arrow pointing downwards saying "the legend"! What were they thinking?! This is highly inappropriate given that this boy was only around nine and probably didn't have a clue what it meant. Surely this is giving off the wrong kind of signal? Shame on you!


noelia ~ said...

lol it's disgusting altogether, doesn't matter the person's age! either way, the ones who looked bad were the parents, the kid was just the victim!

Tina said...

the parents prob bought the top cheap somewhere no doubt and thought that will do. dont think about the poor kid then!

Eda Suzanne said...

I agree with noella - parents buy the clothes.

Thanks for your comments about me not being old. I just read both of your blogs and never heard of any of the groups! I feel young, I look young, but the calendar says the years have added up.

Your writing makes me want to buy new music.

Thanks again for visiting my site.


Faizal said...

Maybe the parents lack of knowledge in choosing appropriate attire for the child. What a shame. Hey Scarlet, EURO now heads to semi final, congrats for Spain. My Netherlands was out, and I feel so sad till this moment.

Nic said...

Education does not only take place in school. Unfortunately, a lot of parents don't even realise that.

And children really act like their parents.