Tuesday, 24 June 2008

Hungry For More

A lot of you will read this and think "Oh God, she's gone downhill" but recently I've felt more than willing to watch "Come Dine With Me" on Thursday nights. Yes, yes! I know! My standards have slipped entirely!

For those of you who don't know, this is what it's all about:

Take 4 perfect strangers living in the same town/city and ask each of them to prepare a dinner party for the other 3 people. Over 4 nights, the 3 guests rank the night according to food and entertainment. Of course it rarely comes down to food and entertainment because when there's a big sum of money to be won, the contest often has very low scores on account of everyone is trying to make sure that they win, whether their night is the best or not.

As a result, at least one guest will be incredibly picky and make an excuse of anything. Take last week when a middle-aged woman went to everyone's house, thinking that her party on the first night was the best. She gave the other three guests low scores because "the pork was a little dry" or "there was too much cinnamon in the pudding". She came last, so it could be said that she got her comeuppance.

Still, it's pretty addictive, much like a nice chocolate pudding. There's always one person who has a massive house and at least one guest or host acts like a total fool in front of the other (like Bath's town crier, for example). It can be funny. Maybe I'm just sad.


Daryl said...

This sounds interesting ... I wonder how long it will take American television to clone it and have another reality show to shove down our collective viewing throats.

OTOH .. sounds to me like Mrs Dry Pork deserved to be last.

Thanks for stopping by and saying hi!

Cucumber Jones said...

Hmmm... you need some Muffins to go with this. Click here for more -


Faizal said...

wo wo wo.. that seems very delicious!! I am on diet. LOL!!

astrogalaxy said...

This seems very interesting plus yummy!!! I'm drooling...

noelia ~ said...

that sounds like fun! i can be a picky one, but i try my hardest to try the food lol. the other day i went to an arabian restaurant.. i tried not to judge the plate by it's appearance and had a bite, i threw away the rest lol

babooshka said...

Now don't you ever take the wee wee out of me for Big Brother again!

I am enjoying a healthy dose of Glastonbury, as I type Goldfrapp.

Brett said...

Seen some of the celb ones and thought that it was a great idea, but i try to keep away from reality TV as it only encourages them to make more

Tina said...

i have watched that before. I think they score low thinking, if they score them higher they might not win themselves or something!

Emeline said...

No, you're not sad! Either that or we both are??? I watch some shows like these, but haven't seen this one yet.

It sounds very interesting and funny.

I agree with daryl... Seems like she does to me too :)

Maybe I'll see it.

Great Blogging and keep it up!

coolgirlsar said...

Now this is weird I was just talking about this on my messageboard and now I come here and see you've done a post about it! Come Dine With Me is great entertainment, I love how catty they all get about each others cooking and their homes. Oh and I love how at least one of them will always say about meeting up with everyone afterwards and how they are all such great friends now, I so bet that doesn't happen.

Have you seen the "Celebrity" Come Dine With Me?