Monday, 9 June 2008

Euro 2008 Coverage

Here starts the mini-coverage of Euro 2008, held this year by Austria and Switzerland. There's no England (good, at least we won't have the constant references to home players and what threat the other team poses) so the BBC and ITV are literally forcing people to pick a team to support.

My money, as ever, is on Spain. Okay, they've flopped in the past but this year I think they've really got their act together. Italy could do something as well, since they've won the World Cup and are probably hungry for another trophy. I doubt there's going to be a big surprise this year like there was in 2004. I just can't see someone like Greece winning it again (although you could get 40-1 on Romania to win, despite the fact that they're in the proverbial "Group of Death").

So far we've seen the Czech Repulic win 1-0 over Switzerland, Portugal win 2-0 over Turkey, Austria lose 1-0 against Croatia and Germany beat Poland by 2 goals. Speaking of Portugal, what the heck was going on with Clive Tyldesley's (I don't think I've spelt his name right, sorry) commentary on the match. He might as well have been bowing down to a golden statue of Ronaldo since his coverage was so unbelievably sycophantic! I hope this kind of commentary doesn't continue - I want a nice, rounded tounament. I think I'm asking for a bit too much though, aren't I?

Kudos, though, to the extremely funny 5 Live commentary on Switzerland v Czech Republic. It was hilarious! I feel incredibly sorry for poor old Sebastien Frei though - it must be terrible to go all the way to the tounament, captain your team and then end up injured for the rest of the competition. The poor man was in tears....

Well it's Holland v Italy tonight which should be very interesting. I think whoever wins Group C has a good chance of winning the overall competition!


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