Friday, 22 August 2008

What A Difference!

I was thinking this morning: "Oh my god, you look awful!" I had a splitting headache, and I had no idea why, I was grouchy and sat down to grudgingly read some rubbishy magazines with my morning coffee and biscuit.

Two hours later I was sifting through looking for my earrings when I found some of my old shell clip-ons! I was still feeling rough, and thought "why not?" and put them on.

About a year ago I had my ears pierced but had to permanently remove them a couple of months ago because my ears wouldn't adjust and they kept bleeding. I was pretty sore about it because I thought that I looked good even with my studs in. I didn't even get the chance to wear the longer earrings. So the other week I bought some clip-ons and today was the day I was going to attempt to attach them to my normal earrings.

So when I fund my original clip-ons I was pleased! I put my pale shell ones on and was instantly transformed. No longer was I the rough, just-fell-out-of-bed groucho - I had suddenly become alive and pretty again. Even my fairly greasy hair (needs a wash, must get to that!) looked rejuvenated.

So it got me thinking that maybe making an effort now and then really does make a difference. Even something so simple can make you feel better about yourself on a dull day - beauty is achievable on even the most awful of days!


Tairebabs said...

ah scarlet, talking about headaches, I woke up with one today. Unfortunately I had to be in class by 9.30 so that made me grouchy. Humm..I doubt earrings will cheer me up right now but reading your post got me thinking about a few things that might just cheer me up.


Oh, sooo very true, also if at all possible we must try to wear a smile each day :) TFx

The Diva on a Diet said...

So true, Scarlet - in addition to the earrings, I find that lipstick and a bit of mascara go a long way towards making me look and feel human again.

I sympathize on the headache front as I'm cursed with them sometimes too. Hope you're feeling worlds better and have a lovely weekend!


p.s. - what a bummer about having to take the pierced earrings out. Sad!

Tina said...

good for you mate. Those earrings are funky and was worth hanging onto ;)

babooshka said...

I had to give up the hoop ear rings years ago, they just killed my ears.
Black mascara. Just the mearest touch will do it. Makes my long dark lashes as black as my hair and then I'm hunky dory. Add the eyleliner and there's no stopping me.

If all else fails Jack Daniels will do the job of better.

noelia ~ said...

yeah, that's true. a little bit of lipstick can boost up my energy so easily lol i'm just one who doesn't likes the look of pale lips, makes me think i'm sick or something lol

Laurie said...

Yes! A great pair of earrings always make everything better. Also cool sunglasses. (And I'm laughing at what Babooshka said!)

Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment. I am off to read your archives!



Anonymous said...

Oh yes, there is def something it it. If I put on my polka dot skirt I instantly feel perky no matter how miserable I feel before hand.

And if my hair is foul and greasy I am always grumpy no matter how good my world is otherwise.

Hope you are feeling brighter and perkier now.