Wednesday, 6 August 2008

Liverpool: Odd Shots

So to finish my strand on my trip to Liverpool I've left my 3 daftest shots. This one perhaps the weirdest. It's supposed to be advertising "Pink" nightclub which on the window invites you to "come in and have a sherry". Anyway I think most people thought I was mad that I wanted a photo of a bright pink furry car but hey, I thought it was funny and stuff everyone else (putting it nicely!)
Ahem, I thought this was the most ridiculous name for a takeaway. Is it just me or does "Hot 'n' Tender" sound a bit, er, wrong when put in the context of food? Besides, it conjures up images of undercooked chicken - considering it's meant to be fried chicken, this isn't a good image to have. "Eat In Style" the sign says. Walk right past, I say.

Heh, now if there really was a fly in the loaf you'd complain but this makes for gold dust when you're going around pointlessly snapping pub signs. Actually, it didn't look too bad in there! They sell a beer from the Isle of Man (Babooshka? Any comment?) and have chandeliers hanging from the ceiling. The red sign above this one says "Bakers to the Queen". Flies must give bread a nice taste, then.


The Diva on a Diet said...

Love these shots of Liverpool - especially that fuzzy pink car! No way you could pass that by without snapping a pic. Those toilets are pretty posh as well. LOL

I've never been to Liverpool, but it looks great ... perhaps on my next trip to the UK ... whenever that might be.

xoxoxo - Tara

Brett said...

Love the shots, had to dedicate bat for lashes for you, as soon as it came on, as i known your a big fan

Rozella said...

OMG! That is one hairy car! Hehehe I wouldn't want to be caught dead driving in it. :P But that's just me. Hehehe

coolgirlsar said...

That car is just too funny! What must it look like when it rains? And the last one of the pub, I thought it was fly in my soup. LOL. Funny post.



noelia ~ said...

the pink car is hilarious. makes me think 'the pink panther' is going to get off it lol

Tina said...

fly in the loaf lol. and that pink car wtf! is that suppose to attract people! there are some strange people about i tell ya ha!

have good weekend
ciao xx