Thursday, 7 August 2008

Lad Mag/Girl Mag

There's a debate raging at the minute about whether lads' mags encourage a lack of responsibility amongst young men and teach them that women are cheap and will do anything (i.e. that we're all brainless airheads!). Of course, I hate to think that these gross publications are making men believe that women are just objects - but it's true.

Then I watched Channel 4 News the other night and a former editor of such vile magazines (I'm not even going to give the names the time of day) came on and said that women's magazines do the same but use words instead of soft porn to talk to women about sex.

Then I realised that this was really true! I suppose this could be taken as a backhanded compliment that we can use our imaginations and brains instead of having it all laid out in front of us so graphically. You know by now that I hate Cosmopolitan because it's just sex, sex, sex so I wonder if these sorts of mags are sending out a bad message to women about being promiscuous?

The ex-editor of the lads mags claimed that mags like this don't shape the society we live in but then if lots of young men between the age of 16 and 25 "read" these things then they're obviously going to be affected by it. Plenty of the men I know think in this way but then so do the women - they're obsessed with getting a boyfriend, afraid of being alone and have over-active sex lives. It's all they think about.

Society must be going downhill... please tell me that this is the case elsewhere as well because it's a bit scary and it's not likely to change soon!


coolgirlsar said...

Just don't get started on teenage magazines and all the sex talk in there! I do agree though that certain women's magazines are about sex and objects but like you point out do it in words rather than pictures, we're just the cleverer of the species.



The Diva on a Diet said...

Alas, dear Scarlet, this is very much the case on this side of the pond as well. I do think the lady's mags encourage women to invest too much mental energy into finding boyfriends, keeping boyfriends, sex, sex and more sex. It is rather disturbing. I don't read Cosmo for that very reason. I'd like to think we have more to offer than just our ability to attract and keep a man!

If I read any of the lady's mags, its simply to keep up with the fashion and make-up trends ... and even then I rarely do it.

Then again, I'm way out of their target age deomographic! LOL


Tina said...

i know what is it with lads mags. its all naked women and cars!

why cant they just have normal magazines like we do!!