Sunday, 9 March 2008

Out of Bed, Still Half Asleep

I see pyjamas. Not my own in bed either. I see them on the streets, anywhere and everywhere. I see them in the shopping centre, on the high street, on the beach, at the park, in schools and in the local bakery.

But why?

Surely with the amount of fashions out there today and the advertising of clothes in magazines, on TV and on billboards, people would be able to get dressed in the morning? There is no doubt that sometimes getting dressed can be a general hassle. I know too well that selecting what to wear is often a mountainous task, after all, there's so much to think about: trousers or a skirt? Which shirt? What t-shirt? Should I go for long or short sleeves? Tights, leggings or bare? What colour? Will it suit my mood today? Oh, not to mention the fact that it often seems impossible to decide what shoes to wear (ah, the old dilemma. If only I didn't have about sixty thousand pairs of shoes...).

Still, it just looks lazy to wander around in PJs. It's not thirty degrees in the shade and it's rarely a day when pyjama wearing can be blamed on sponsorship for some charity fun run. Ironically, the girls who do decide that it's a good fashion choice to wear them also take the time to apply their makeup with the same vigor and precision that they would any day. Isn't is just a little bit hypocritical to have pride in your face but little in your body?

I think if you asked these girls (and they are girls - very rarely do I see anyone over the age of twenty wearing them) who their fashion role model was, they'd probably say someone like Kate Moss or Lily Allen. So Allen is, in my own opinion, a bit of a chav's role model but at least she hasn't gone around wearing her PJs with pride. As for Moss, she wouldn't be seen dead without some sort of outrageously pricey outfit and an oversized Balenciaga handbag.

PJ wearing won't catch on. It won't for several reasons (top of the pile is that it's simply, well, trashy). Most of these girls will probably have thousands of clothes to wear at home, and even putting on a pair of jeans and a T-Shirt would look better than trapsing around in nightwear. It's nightwear for a reason, dears. Let's keep it that way.

Besides, isn't it cold to wear them?


Joanna B., native Texan, Steve Earle fan, resident of Minnesota said...

hi sweetie, love your blog! and i agree 100% about the pj problem, it's just another sign of an increasingly lazy society, i think...

keep blogging!!

if you want to check out my site it is

Good luck!!

joanna b.

Richard said...

Hi Scarlet,
I guess you don't live in the U.S. because PJs are worn all the time here, unfortunately, lol. I think they've gone overboard with this habit.

Hillary J H said...

Hi! I stumbled across this post from the blogger group and laughed a good amount. PJs and doll makeup is a staple at the university I'm at. It's strange, really. And forget about finals week--it looks like a big sleepover on the hill. Good luck building readership. One subscriber here.


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