Wednesday, 12 March 2008

More Intelligent Than Strange

Well, I've just finished watching Stranger Than Fiction for the first time and, for a film with Will Ferrell in it, it's great. Lovely and intelligent, with some nice moral issues (will he/won't he die etc.). To be honest, I wasn't sure if I was going to get too much enjoyment out of it - the thought of a film that has the same actor that brought us the horrors (in my own opinion) of Talledega Nights and the new, just weird looking Semi-Pro wasn't setting off any fireworks in my head. I was very surprised though. He actually gives a great performance. Well, Emma Thompson's is probably better - her portrayal of author Karen Eiffel is pretty intense in a strange way. I think that its title of being a comedy is a bit off the mark though. You might prefer to call it a "dramedy" as it doesn't have too many laugh-out-loud moments in it. It's more the type of humour that may put a little bit of a smile to your face. To me, though, that's great because I'm not the type of person who particularly likes slapstick or outright joke-telling. Quiet humour like this is perfect for me.

Oh and if anyone out there is a fan of the band Spoon, they feature heavily on the soundtrack.


Emeline McCarter said...

I love stranger than fiction! It is odd, but good. By the way, I love you blogs! They are great!

buttercup said...

It was an excellent movie. And I love spoon as well:-) Love your blog! I'll keep checking back on it. And thanks for looking at mine too:-)