Wednesday, 8 October 2008


Everyone seems to be going on about this game called Spore that EA have released. It's the brainchild of the guy who brought us The Sims (you can tell this post was well researched...) and basically you're supposed to start off with a little creature and then multiply, befriend or fight other little creatures in order to populate your planet more and save it. Then you can blast off into space and explore other planets.

Now, I wasn't sure if it was any good or not until I heard people saying how brilliant it was (reviewers and that sort mostly) and thought "hmm, maybe I should look into this." I thought it was only going to be for PC, which would be a real pain since I don't have any of these fancy graphics cards or anything, so imagine my delight when I heard there's a DS version!

I'm pleasantly surprised, because normally these games are PC or bust... Still I feel the need to check it out. Since I feel like I'm progressing nicely with the 3 games I purchased for my little red companion in the summer I need something to mix it up a little. A good old fashioned incredibly long and logistical game is needed!


whoami ? said...

the concept of the game seems pretty good. i'd like to play it, but just can't justify the money. :-(

Laurie said...

SO... is it as fun as the hype? I have had to stay away from The Sims. I have a daughter to raise. That game is far too time-consuming!

HOpe you're having a good weekend, Scarlet.

Brett said...

We have just got Mario cart for the Wii and have lost hours over the weekend.

noelia ~ said...

i've heard of it too and thought about getting it BUT, they're either for windows or mac leopard (and i'm still behind w/ the leopard operating system.. go figure). sooo, i think i'll just let it pass, although the curiosity is killing me haha i was.. i guess you could say sort of addicted to the sims games xD and i can safely say that the 1st console the games come for are always the best. cause when they shift to playstation or gameboys they have to alter them, they're never half as good. not saying that you shouldn't buy it! just saying that maybe it won't live up to the hype the PC version has :D