Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Salad: Let the Boredom Commence!

So yesterday I decided to be good and try and slightly healthier dinner than normal. I'm not going around eating subs and having fast food every lunchtime (actually it's completely the opposite, I normally just have cheese and biscuits) but yesterday I had the niggling feeling that I wasn't getting enough greens. This resulted in me making this:

It's a cheese, lettuce and red pepper sandwich,with all the goodness probably taken out of it by the fact that I've put it on a white crusty roll. Anyway, I have absolutely nothing against lettuce in a sandwich - this actually turned out to be quite yummy with the cheese. The thing I struggled with here was the peppers. Now, I love peppers when they're cooked: they're succulent, juicy and not boring at all. But that awful crunchiness and rawness just didn't do it for me here: it wasn't anywhere near as bad as raw tomatoes but.... ergh. Conclusion: lettuce good, raw peppers baaad. Now I have been trying to get some extra vitamins in by drinking pure fruit juice:

Don't kill me: that really is crisps behind that glass of cranberry juice. Well, I did say I was trying, and not necessarily succeeding! The cranberry juice is actually a lot less bitter with every glass you have altough this variety is particularly weak. My favourite type at the minute is apple and raspberry juice, and if I could get all my daily vitamins and minerals just from drinking that it would really save me the trouble of trying to choke down various bits of boring salad... But that's not going to happen. At least I didn't have the sugar-fest that is coronation chicken though:

This was my mam's creation. After a comment from myself that my sandwich looked a bit like Pacman, she decided it would be a good idea to go one better and put button mushrooms on the top of the bun to give it googly eyes. Well, maybe the sweetness of that chicken will cancel out the goodness of the mushrooms...

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