Monday, 11 May 2009

It Could've Worked On Me!

Ah, Pot Noodles! Admittedly, I haven't had one in so many years and probably with good reason - the rice curry ones are a bit vile really and the only flavour I like is the beef ones. Oh, the sweet chili or sweet and sour ones are nice too but my stomach has shrunk dramatically over the years (completely natural! It just sort of happened as time went on and my eyes shrunk simultaneously) and I was no longer able to eat a full pot. So that's why I don't eat them any more.

At least, until now. Okay, this isn't really going to make me buy a Pot Noodle but hey, it's so hilarious that I would buy a sympathy pot, put it in the cupboard and think of the odd parodies every time I stared at it.

Curious yet? Well, peeps living in the UK might not have seen this advert either. There's actually two of them but they never get shown - while watching the third X-Men on Film4 the other week it was never off but since then (and since I've said to everyone "Have you seen that Pot Noodle advert?!") it hasn't been shown! Okay just the once on LFC TV but it's not exactly overwhelmingly commercial is it?

Well now I'm going to subject you all to the kebab advert! It's very Flight Of The Conchords:

On the subject of the Conchords, they're back tomorrow on Beeb 4! The songs have supposedly gone off the boil but from the clips, I'm not so sure! Here's a clip from their first series, their Pet Shop Boys parody "Inner City Pressure":

I do love a good late-night post. They always end up being the best!


The Diva on a Diet said...

OMG, I love Flight of the Conchords ... and noodles! Seriously! LOL

We have something similar to pot noodles over here - called "Cup 'O Noodles" and I adore them. They're not exactly healthy though, so its a guilty pleasure. Yum!

I loved this post and that commercial. Thanks for the mid-day chuckle, dear Scarlet. xoxoxox

The Vintage Kitten said...

I loved the chicken and mushroom one when I was a kid....I lived on them, somehow they just dont taste the same as they used too.

Kebab??? Not sure about that one, maybe after a drunken Saturday night out if my stomach can handle it LOL! X

The comment moderation word is dieryxo.....sounds like the name of a medication (infact the one needed after a saturday night kebab noodle)

Magic Flying Boots said...

I LOVE FoTC - they are so clever! Wonderful, witty and talented musicians!