Thursday, 5 March 2009

Confessions Of A Shopaholic/ He's Just Not That Into You

Hmm, so against every moral film bone in my body I have seen both "Confessions of a Shopaholic" and "He's Just Not That Into You" in the past couple of weeks. And I am afraid to say that I actually enjoyed "Confessions"! Shock horror!
So here's the reason why... okay, I don't have a reason why - Rebecca is a silly clothes-obsessed woman that is daft and in massively in debt. Hmmm, nice portrayal of women there Miss Kinsella... Still, it's light and frothy and since I was feeling so awful that day Isla Fisher's performance actually put a smile on my face. And I deny anyone to say that the Miami dancing scene isn't hilarious - the woman sitting next to me (not my friend, a person I didn't know) was in so much of a kink that she nearly keeled over on the floor. It's quite sweet as well - she does sell all of her clothes collection to pay off her debts and prove to the man that she loves that he means more to her tan Prada and Gucci (although they were an odd match... he wasn't anything like her at all!)
So then on to "He's Just Not That Into You", which is not nearly as insightful as it believes it is - after all, doesn't nearly every girl realise that boys hitting you really means that they hate you rather than like you? Well, this is the "revealing" segment that the film begins on. The stories with Jennifer Aniston and Jennifer Connoly in them are quite tedious and predictable, but Gigi's story is quite funny (I liked her, she was a little bit like me), and Drew Barrymore is very likeable. Actually, she probably didn't get enough screen time. All of the stories were linked, so you had to work out who was seeing who and manipulating who etc.
The best part, actually, was after the little titles introducing the various segments of the storyline (when he's not calling you, when he's not sleeping with you etc.) Here, semi-known celebs such as that woman who plays Angela Petrelli in Heroes (know what I mean about semi-known now?) reveal some little stories that link to the title of that particular segment. This was the most inventive part of the filming. This was the only part that felt more independent movie-maker rather than big-bucks Hollywood rom-com.
Still, both films are enjoyable as part of a night out - best enjoyed chilled with friends on a gloomy day (rain, depression, whatever) and preferrably with a bag of popcorn to chow down on!


The Diva on a Diet said...

I'm ashamed to admit that I want to see "Confessions" too! LOL There's something so very charming about Isla Fisher and, frankly, in these depressing times I could use a bit of fluff! I'm glad to hear it was enjoyable.


Brett said...

Great to see you back. and with a good post too!

CrazyCris said...

"Shopaholic" hasn't caught my attention, but I must confess "Confessions" has been on my radar since I saw the previews... it just hasn't hit the screens here yet. But yeah, they both seem like movies that would be fun to watch at home on dvd when you're feeling blue, with some ice cream and your girlfriends to cheer you up! ;o)

noelia ~ said...

my bf took me to see 'confessions' on valentine's cause he kind of owed me (he HATES chick flicks lol). i thought it was nice too, i mean, it's a nice way of portraying something that's very real and bad!

haven't seen the other one yet, i want to, but i think i'm just gonna wait until it gets out on dvd

Rozella said...

I want to see both films too! I'm a fave of both books. Read every Shopaholic book and I love HJNTIY too! It's soooo funny!

Tairebabs said...

I enjoyed Confessions but I wasn't blown away. It was a total chick flick.

I was totally disappointed after watching "he's just not that into you". The trailer made it look like it had originality but the movie itself was too many cliches. The only part I enjoyed was were the guy who was having an affair had to hide the other woman in the closet while having sex with his wife in the office. That was funny.