Sunday, 8 February 2009

Axed. Again

Argh - why do the network executives always axe my favourite shows? It must be to annoy me - they know I'm watching and think it'll be funny to get rid of the programme and watch my reaction.

But, in all honesty, I'm not too surprised that Pushing Daisies has been chopped after two series. Actually, I'm very surprised that it got this far! It's a technicolour, strange, hyperactively upbeat show about death and detectives with weird twists, an over-eager narrator and characters so weird you really couldn't have made it up. Still, I like it. I like it because of these elements, all baked into a blueberry pie!

Well, it's just so uplifting really. I like the fact that for once I'm not watching a show that's dark and filled with realism. Pushing Daisies is away with the fairies fun - and it should remain that way to put a smile on peoples' faces for a while to come. But then I accept that not everyone is like me, and not everyone enjoys strange fun like this. In fact, I can't think of many in my company at least.

Ratings... I hate that word!


CrazyCris said...

I hear you on the hating ratings part!!! UGH!!!

Why do TV execs have to let themselves be such a slave to ratings? Why do they feel compelled to axe some excellent shows before the audience has a chance grow? An even better question is why do some really lame TV shows with crappy writing get high ratings while quality shows barely get by and find themselves off the air?

I've only seen a few episodes of Pushing Daisies (doesn't air over here) but it seemed like a quirky, fun show with compelling characters that you fell for. So why did it disappear? And for that matter what about Eli Stone? (axed at the same time) Funniest and most interesting lawyer show since Ally Mcbeal went the way of the dodo! Not to mention other shows that got cancelled without really being given a chance by TV execs (ahem Firefly), and the shows you just don't understand why more people didn't latch on to (Jericho!!! New Amsterdam! Women's Murder Club! Shark!) or the shows that got mysteriously cancelled for no apparent reason (Angel!!!). And so on, and so forth.

sigh!!! I guess we'll just have to be resigned to the fact that we have no control over what TV honchos decide to air... and we'll have to continue sifting through the garbage to find the diamonds in the rough and other gems...

Babooshka said...

It used to be better a cult die hard cult following than ratings. Alas no more.