Monday, 12 January 2009

And On That Note... 2

I also read the Agyness Deyn article. Not much to say because there was so little said. A lot about Katie Grand*, her other friends and about Rochdale. And modelling, duh...

And er, not much else. Actually, Deyn didn't get on my nerves half as much as Peaches but it was more the comment at the end of the article that made my rage barometer go off the scales.

"Agyness Deyn is more than just a pretty face"
Read this statement. Now read it again. And again. Think about the ways in which Agyness is NOT just a pretty face... erm.... thin body? Sorry love, but apart from a couple of comments about stick-thin models (of which she is not one, as no bones show and her arms are not like twigs to which I will say my only kudos) you've got nothing about you! You flounce around tea-parties! In pink tea dresses! The only reason this one's famous is because of a.) her name (FYI, it's an anagram of "Deny Gayness") and b.) her style, which is slightly ill-informed but then I like a more tailored, smart-casual look, so what do I know?!
Katie Grand - for those who don't know, she's the editor of bi-annual fashion magazine Pop which is influential in certain circles. I would have been interested just to read it just once to be nosy but we're not that cultured up north. Sorry, but you've gotta admit that we're not!

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