Tuesday, 16 September 2008

Waht Wsa Htat?

Yes, this is supposed to say "What Was That?" in the title and the point is that today I was sitting on the bus travelling to work when I saw the most curious thing - and this must have happened to someone else at least once before!

So it's raining, I'm listening to Black Kids to cheer me up and we pass by Hays Travel where there's a sign in the window saying "Thinking of going on holiday? Cuddle us now!" Okay, yeah, the sign didn't really mean that we should be getting hugs for going on holiday but instead the sign really said: "Thinking of going on holiday? Come in now!" So either this was a bad case of morning eyes teamed with the rather annoying will it develop/ won't it develop kind of cold or I'm going crazy.

But then opposite there is a barber's where the sign says "Free Haircut With Every Chosen Design" - design meaning a pattern to shave into your head (why anyone would want to do that is beyond me!). So we've gone from misinterpretations to stupidness - does anyone else have a problem with signs and flyers in this way? No? Fine.


Faizal said...

sign confusion? I never see sign that makes me confuse, but there is one restaurant that I know with kind of weird name - the name of restaurant is "MAKAN SAHAJA" or in English it means "EAT ONLY" which makes people come to literal interpretation that there is no drink served that but actually they have. :) LOL

The Diva on a Diet said...

This was very funny, Scarlet! Not funny that you're so sick your eyes are playing trick on you though. I hope you're feeling better today!


p.s. - I'm going out of town for a bit, hence the absence. Leaving today, back on Saturday night.

Katie said...

How funny! Similar things have happened to me on multiple occassions.

Brett said...

Great, on the competition front, not so great got to the last 5 but did not win, still theres always next time

Cesia said...

Love the brand alphabet. Coolest thing I've seen in a while.

- Cesia.