Friday, 18 July 2008

Some People Have Better Things To Do!

In my madness the other night I actually read last month's issue of Cosmopolitan - my lord, what a load of.... but, nicely, I'm not a fan. I'm more of a Company kind of woman and consider it to have more decent articles - it promotes women being independent but safe and doesn't donate nearly all of its pages to sex.

Okay, the fact that Cosmo is so filled with sex is not the point of this post. No - it is Denise van Outen who made me think "what the heck?"

Ms. van Outen said that if a man is still single in his thirties and hasn't settled down with at least one kid then there must be something seriously wrong with him. Er, riiight. Surely, all you men, that there are much better things to do out there? In essence, isn't this a bit like saying that a woman should stay at home and tend to their partner's every need instead of going out and forging a decent career? Her other "advice" wasn't too bad, despite all relating to relationships.

I don't think I'll touch a Cosmo again.


Tairebabs said...

Me and Cosmo have never been friends, am also a very independent woman.

I have heard a lot of people say that a single man in his thirties who hasn't settled down with at least one kid has something wrong with him. I don't know if that true becos there are like a zillion single men in their thirties where I are they all wrong? lol. I hope not.

noelia ~ said...

cosmo is kinda of retarded. EVERYTHING is about sex there lol i mean, there are more important/interesting things you can publish.

oh, and i don't mind being in your blogroll ^^ i'm adding you too

babooshka said...

Isn't Denise a relatively single woman in her thirteis without a kid? Hypocrite comes straight to mind. I don't read any woman's mag.
Most of them are the biggest patronisers of woman ever.